Jets Quarterback Bryce Petty Understands All Too Well How to Wait


Bryce Petty is one of four quarterbacks on the Jets’ active roster. Coach Todd Bowles said that Petty, a fourth-round pick, might have an opportunity to play soon.

Matt Rourke/Associated Press

When the Jets made a change at quarterback last week, Bryce Petty knew the job would not come his way. He understands the waiting game. His career stalled for 1,700 days before he finally became the starting quarterback at Baylor.

“86,” Petty said, correcting. “1,786.”

The excruciating delay — four years 10 months and a little over three weeks — between his final high school start and his first in college, in 2013, became part of what made his instant Heisman Trophy campaign so gratifying. (He finished seventh in the voting that year, far behind the winner, Jameis Winston, and just ahead of Derek Carr, who is now the starter for the Oakland Raiders.)

When the Jets took Petty in the fourth round of the 2015 draft, Petty rewound his personal play clock all over again.

Back to the bench Petty went. As of Sunday, it is 662 days and counting since his last collegiate…

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