NFL owners turn blind eye to domestic violence

Every time an NFL player punches his wife or girlfriend, the list of the league’s alarmingly out-of-touch owners grows longer.

First, it was Steve Bisciotti, standing by Ray Rice because he was such a good guy in the locker room and the community. Then, Jerry Jones, signing Greg Hardy because he needed a pass rusher, easily ignoring the monster he brought into his midst. Then, Jimmy Haslam, keeping Johnny Manziel because, well, it’s the Cleveland Browns, and Haslam would sell his soul to win a couple of football games.

And, most recently, John Mara, who kept making excuses for 37-year-old Josh Brown until we all caught on to the repulsive facts that Mara knew and chose to ignore.

Hey NFL players, do you beat your wife? Do you beat your girlfriend? Do not be afraid. There still exists an owner who will find room for you on his roster.

It’s appalling, and it’s true. More than 25 months after the Rice elevator video led to a series of measures designed to rid the NFL of domestic abusers, it turns out some NFL owners haven’t stopped hiring and defending players who beat their wives…

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