Should NFL advance ball on marijuana?

USA TODAY Sports’ Lorenzo Reyes looks at the three biggest story lines heading into week 11 of the NFL season.

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

That’s the yin and yang of the marijuana issue as it pertains to the NFL drug policy.

Voters in seven states last week approved cannabis — either for recreational or medicinal use — and, by extension, advanced the argument that league’s ban on it (officially) is like something out of the Stone Age.

If you’re keeping score, that’s 28 states plus the District of Columbia that legally allow weed in one form or another.

The NFL Players Association is in the process of forming a committee that will study and presumably make recommendations about the potential use of marijuana and other alternatives for managing pain.

“The movement is happening,” former defensive end Marvin Washington told USA TODAY Sports.

Washington, 51, who played 11 seasons, mostly with the New York Jets, has been on something of a crusade by calling for the league to rethink its existing…

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